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Interamerican Medical Center - Bird Road

Located at:
4155 SW 130 Avenue
Ste. 201
Miami, FL 33175
Contact Information:
Phone: 305.455.3500
FAX: 305.553.4909

Hours of Operation:
Our medical center is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Our Services, Procedures and Amenities
Interamerican Medical Centers offer a variety of primary care services that works to improve the health and well-being of our patients. Choosing IMC in Bird Road as your medical home gets you:

Prompt Appointments with your PCP and Specialists
Free Unlimited Transportation in Miami-Dade County
In-house medication dispensing and delivery at no cost
$15 monthly in over-the-counter Medicines
24 hour / 7-day a Week Access to your Primary Care Physician
Massage/Physical/Pain Therapy
Osteoporosis Screening
Health & Exercise Programs
Sonogram / Ultrasounds
Walk-in Services
Laboratory Services
MRIs / CT Scans
Bone Densitometries
Pediatric Services
Gynecology Services
Vaccines / Immunizations
Dental Care Services
Vision Care Services
Chiropractor Services

In addition to our in-house medical services, we also offer our patients the following:

Delicious & Nutritional Lunch at all Medical Centers, 5-Days a Week
Free Unlimited Transportation in Miami-Dade County
Assistance with the American Citizenship process
Free Beauty Salon Services
Activity Center Events

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Our Medical Center Administrator:

Yamilka Alvarez

Please call me at 305.455.3500 if you would like to visit our medical center to meet our physicians, staff and take a tour of our facility.

Our Medical Center Physicians:

Ines Braceras, M.D.

My specialty is Family Medicine & and I am Fluent in English & Spanish.
Maikel Danger, M.D.
Ines M. Rodriguez, A.R.N.P.

I am Fluent in English & Spanish.
Julio Gutierrez, A.R.N.P.